Robin Bieber


Robin Bieber was a Director of PVM Oil Associates Ltd and Managing Director of PVM Oil Futures Ltd before leaving PVM in May 2017. He was in charge of the company’s drive to increase business in both the US and Far East. He joined the PVM Group in 1993 and built its successful Futures execution business, authored the daily “PVM Technical Report”, and played an active role in PVM’s OTC crude broking team which has been at the forefront of its market since 1980.

Robin has been involved in oil trading and broking for over 30 years. After nine years in the British Army with the Royal Green Jackets, he joined E.D. and F. Man in 1982. There followed spells in Tiger Petroleum, and Amerex Petroleum, before Robin founded Bieber Oil Ltd, which was acquired by PVM in 1993.

He is a Director and shareholder of Veles Water, and now runs RbOil Ltd, a consultancy company specialising in Technical Analysis.